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The best SEO marketing agency in the USA

Google changes its search algorithmic program multiple times each year. The million-dollar question is a way to master the algorithmic program, rank your business on the highest search pages, and acquire additional valuable traffic to the website?

Being a 100 percent performance-based SEO marketing agency in USA, we tend to area unit assured of obtaining your keywords to the search engine’s high pages. The simplest SEO Company acts on what they preach. This can be why you found United States of America on Google within the 1st place.

Why the “Linq technologies” is the best SEO marketing agency?

We have returned a protracted method because the leading SEO marketing agency, and that we square measure with confidence clear regarding it.

 Seeing the size of this computer program WAR globally, we’ve created a time-intensive method to create your complete stand out. we have a tendency to work on keeping your content recent all the time as we all know that, on average, Google updates its formula 600 times per annum. Content-wise, we have a tendency to advocate staying the maximum amount relevant as attainable to your audience whereas doing on-page optimization.

That is why we have a tendency to transfer 4-6 content articles on the website each month because the best SEO observe. We use conspicuous links, images, videos, and info graphic-based content, which are extremely easy.

We do not follow the keyword stuffing strategy. It does not work any longer. we have a tendency to make certain all crawl errors get mounted, keyword analysis is performed well, headers and tags square measure optimized, and website speed is healthier than most to create Google happy.

 As an aspect boost, we have a tendency to encourage and implement off-page SEO activities by building social promotions, content syndication, cross-blogging, referrals, and digital affiliate promoting that compliments the SEO efforts. See below the 5-Step method our SEO Company follow to get optimum results.

  1. Performing the keyword and competitors research
  2. Creating a site map and developing the structure on how to implement the keywords
  3. Start on-page optimization based on keywords allocation on each respective page.
  4. Work on link building by brining relevant referrals to the web pages
  5. Monitor progress, and make changes as traffic and ranking start popping up

How “linq technologies” do its work?

 Organic computer program placements are sophisticated however not possible. We have a tendency to use our tested strategies to untangle the foremost recent Google algorithms. Our SEO strategy involves a radical approach with a collection of organized micro-managed activities and strategic content marketing.

 Having a Secure and Accessible Website:

Search engines ought to visit the URL of your web site and appearance at the page content. An internet site helps them perceive what that page is regarding and choose connection factors.

Your Website’s Mobile and Desktop Page Speed:

Google desires to boost users’ expertise of the net, and fast-loading web content can try this.

Mobile Friendliness:

Additional folks use mobile devices than desktops to access the net, and that’s one reason there’ve been changes in however Google ranks search results.


 If your content isn’t relevant to the person’s searched terms/query, it’ll stand low on the rankings. Google’s latest formula changes are currently trying into however established and relevant the search results are supported its Google search history.

Optimized Content: it’s imperative to use targeted keywords in your content. Google’s search formula depends on keywords. This are the words and phrases searchers use once they’re searching for data. They’re additionally the words and phrases that describe the topics your web site is exclusively specializing in. Having the correct keyword density makes a large distinction.

 Technical SEO:

  • Schema markup,
  • Page titles,
  • The header tag,
  • Meta descriptions,
  • Content hierarchy,
  • Keyword density

All come back underneath the technical SEO.

User Experience:

If folks land on your web site, don’t am fond of it, and bounce away, Google can suppose it’s not relevant to their wants. If enough folks try this, you would possibly notice it tougher for your web site to rank higher in search results.

Links and Sitemap:

Arriving, Outbound, and internal links are however Google bots perceive your authority and web site structure.

 Social Signals:

Once folks share your content on social networks, that’s another sign that it’s valuable

Real business data, Credibility:

Name, address, signaling, etc. of these minute details ought to be coherent on the whole internet, particularly on your Google business profile. Our SEO selling company additionally provides social media selling services. We have a tendency to use social media push to boost the SEO worth of your web site.